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Love Is A Verb

Updated: May 3, 2022

In my time spent working in retail, I found there’s one term I come across quite often in various marketing strategies: no commitment. And it’s nearly always followed by the words “cancel anytime”. Sadly, that seems to be the approach many take when it comes to marriage. It’s no wonder in our act fast, dump even faster culture that marriages don’t tend to last long at all. However, the truth is that God made marriage to be for life.

God designed marriage to be this amazing experience where two people see the best and the worst of each other, share in life’s joys and sorrows, yet face it all as a team out of committed love for one another. It’s the kind of love that says “I’m not going anywhere”. This is the love Jesus showed to us and it’s this same kind of love that we’re called to emulate in marriage. A love more wholly driven by action over emotion, willing to sacrifice for the good of the other.

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